Thingamajigs is seeking artists and groups of artists to design wind-powered sound sculptures for Aeolian Day 2019. The Aeolian Day festival is slated for the weekend of May 18/19, 2019 and will take place from 11am-4pm. Proposals for both pre-existing projects and new projects are welcome. Specific application questions can be submitted to

Honoraria for existing projects and small to medium-sized installations will be awarded in the range of $250-$1200. A limited number of honoraria in the range of $2000-$3000 will be awarded to sculptures based on their technical complexity, size, and relevance to the Aeolian Day themes of reuse and ecology.


Deadline for proposals is extended to Friday, February 1, 2019 at 11:59PM.


Thingamajigs is proud to announce the fourth edition of Aeolian Day, a free community festival where artists, musicians, designers, engineers, children, families, educators and sound makers come together to celebrate the sound of the wind. The event fosters creative collaboration of art, music and science through an exhibition of innovative sound sculptures.

In past years, exhibits have include large, commissioned sound works among other wind-played instruments by diverse personalities such as cosmologists, a computer vision researcher, engineers, renowned composers, sculptors, and many installation artists who repurpose found objects to build instruments.

Like every year, Thingamajigs resident Teaching Artists will collaborate with local school children from Bridges Academy, La Escuelita Elementary, Roosevelt Middle School, United for Success Academy, East Bay Innovation Academy, and NOCCS to create wind-based sound sculptures for public display and interaction at the Aeolian Day Festival.

During the event, visitors will experience the sound of the wind as the sea-breeze plays the instruments, amidst a colorful community gathering for the weekly Farmer's Market. There will be direction signs throughout the venue to guide attendees to the display lawn. There will also be many food stalls and other eateries to help guests enjoy the event thoroughly. Artists will be present to explain their models and Thingamajigs will also have its personnel to assist.

Memories from Aeolian Day 2016 at Jack London Square Ferry Lawn