Community Programs

Sound, science, music and art are all around and within us. It's only a matter of an opportunity to experience it and about a moment to savor it. That's why Thingamajigs hosts annual festivals to bring the community together in the spirit of curiosity, creativity and collaboration. 


Aeolian Day 

It takes a green lawn, the summer sun and the sea breeze to kick off a unique celebration of the sound of the wind. In the month of May, various artists, artist groups and school children exhibit their own sound sculptures in a lawn, to be played by the wind. The Presentation Artists include designers, makers, scientists and musicians, and the exhibits comprise unique wind-works similar to Aeolian Harps and wind chimes. 

The event is a free community festival, attracts all age groups and is supported by inspired volunteers.

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May 2017


Music For People & Thingamajigs Festival

It's the stage where found objects find a new identity, where sound becomes music and where ears begin to hear alternate tuning systems. MFP&T was first held in 1997, is the oldest festival of Thingamajigs, and represents everything that the organization stands for. Artists are invited from all over the world to collaborate through festival workshops, music creation and performances; with an ultimate goal to promote experimental music to a large, diverse audience.

The festival is held for over multiple weekends each fall, and provides valuable experience to curious listeners, artists and volunteers alike.

OCT 2017