School Programs

The education and outreach program brings children, artists, teachers and science together through sound experiments designed for K-8 schools. Teaching Artists work with children throughout the year to cultivate hands-on instrument building, music appreciation and the study of sound produced through made and found objects.

Summer Camp

Ever met a 5-year old composer? Thingamajigs' team of artists lead art camps to expand the young, creative mind. Through music, movement, visual art and science, the campers gain a unique and well-rounded experience in creativity, collaboration and experimentation.

In each camp, children look for materials and objects in the beach, forests, and their own recycling bins. They learn to put them together in their own way, to create one-of-a-kind wind and percussion instruments, including Bamboo Woodblocks, Soda Straw Oboes, Box Zithers, Packing Tape Drums etc.. Through the process, they not only become a part of the Bay Area DIY Movement, but discover a composer in themselves.

Limited scholarships are available to assist families in meeting tuition expenses. Scholarships are awarded in various amounts; not all aid is equivalent to full tuition. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please, call 510-545-6689.



In-school Residencies

Kids love school! Yes, if lessons are disguised as fun experiments. Teaching Artists collaborate with schools throughout the year, and conduct weekly workshops. These art workshops grow the scientific temper and nurture the artistic spirit in children, through hands-on sound experiments with found objects. Kids develop small interactive instruments and often participate in large-scale assembly demonstrations.



La Escuelita with Robert Lopez

Bridges Academy with Dylan Bolles

North Oakland Community Charter School with Maurissa Dorn

Aurora School with Taylor Gersbach

American International Montessori School with Edward Schocker

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