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If you would like to add to our strength, here are a few PROGRAMS You can contribute towards.

Aeolian Day

Your donation will go towards event arrangements, promotional material, food service for artists and commissioned artwork.

In-school Residencies

Your donation will go to the Teaching Artists, project supplies & equipment and to establish new partnerships with schools.

Continuum & MFP&T

Your donations will go towards artist commissions, and event arrangements for Lou Harrisson's 100th birthday celebration.

Community Growth

Your donation will be applied to any or all of our programs; and will help grow the Thingamajigs community and its activities.

I'd like my (recurring) donation to go to


We love to have our mailbox filled with your generosity. So, you can also mail a check towards 'Thingamajigs', to the following address:

5000 MacArthur Blvd #9826
Oakland, CA 94613

Do mention your mailing address, so we can send you an acknowledgement of your tax-deductible donation.





We are grateful to the foundations, organizations and companies who have supported our programs for many years.

If your organization would like to partner with us for artist programs, school programs, to host events and festivals or for any other collaboration, please write to us :




John Carnahan
Nathan Moody
Scott McNeil
Gopal V
Raj Shekhar
Muller Luo
Maurissa Dorn
Michael McGee
Audrey Price
Nava Rosenthal

Cere Davis
Kunal Dovedy
Sarah Chung
Staci Southwick
David Ilstrup
Adam Sheppard
Sudhu Tewari
Carly Hoopes
Taylor Gersbach


We look for your skills, expertise, compassion and creativity round-the-year. Choose from the roles below; or you can write to us at to discuss other ways to team up.



Dept.  Education | Reports to Program Manager

Help kids discover sounds through found objects. Thingamakids! Summer Camp makes use of craft items such as construction paper, glue etc., and performing art techniques such as dance, to engage children in sound explorations. Your teaching skills and theatrical abilities can make the camp a delightful experience.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Conduct sessions designed for children, with other teaching artist
  • Monitor different activities to ensure safety at all times
  • Address individual concerns as needed

Skills Required

  • Teaching experience with children
  • Strong communication skills
  • Art/Music project development
  • Ability to handle diverse groups of children

Time commitment

Week-long engagement with full-day & half-day sessions.

Good to have

  • Knowledge of the arts and arts education
  • Experience in non-profit volunteer roles
  • Creative interpersonal skills


Dept.  Communications | Reports to Social Media Expert

Are you a photographer? Are you a video-grapher? Are you a sound recordist? There are intriguing projects, activities and festivals waiting for your lens and microphones. 

Primary Responsibilities

  • Cover the assigned/ chosen project, according to the objective of the event/activity
  • Compile the gathered content and submit it in the required format

Skills Required

  • Knowledge of the equipment in use
  • Basic experience in editing and compilation of visual and audio content
  • Good communication skills

Time commitment

Based on the chosen project, activity or festival

Good to have

  • Knowledge of the arts and arts education
  • Experience in non-profit volunteer roles
  • Creative interpersonal skills