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aeolian day


Aeolian Day
May 17, 2014

Aeolian Day is a a free community festival happening on May 17, 2014 at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland. The festival will exhibit and celebrate musical instruments that are played by the wind, and feature instruments will be built by a collaboration of local artists and Oakland elementary schools.

The festival fosters creative collaborations between artists, students and teachers; and promotes awareness of Middle Harbor Shoreline itself, with its unique history, habitat and design. In addition to the four wind-powered works at the center of Aeolian Day, the festival will feature live music, food trucks, and hands-on learning for families.


The Prelinger Library will present an ephemeral reading room for browsing and exploration of the art, science and culture of the wind and Middle Harbor.
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Ranjit Bhatnagar, Bart Hopkin, Don Gottwald, and Tom Nunn will amaze and delight with their wind-infused instruments.
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With support of the City of Oakland Cultural Funding Program, The Puffin Foundation and over 50 donors matching a grant from the East Bay Fund for Artists, Thingamajigs has commissioned four artists to work with Oakland students to create new wind-powered instruments:

Steve Dye working with the students of International Community School
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Judy Johnson-Williams working with the students of Prescott Elementary school
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Brenda Hutchinson & Krys Bobrowski working with the students of North Oakland Community Charter School
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David Samas working with the students of American International Montessori School
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Sudhu Tewari working with the students of Bridges Academy
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Alex Vittum working with the students of Aurora School
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