Thingamajigs Performance Group (TPG)

Temporality Artist Group

TPG is a sound-based ensemble working co-creatively in a variety of mediums and with a wide array of local and international artists. Formed in 2008 from longtime Thingamajigs contributors, TPG continues to break new ground in performance fields such as durational performance, alternate tuning, group and open compositional formats, inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural collaboration, and site-work.

Current Members :  Dylan Bolles, Keith Evans, Suki O'Kane and Edward Schocker

Collaborators (past and present) : Gelsey Bell, Rae Diamond, Ann Dyer, Sasha Hom, Shinichi Iova-Koga, Eric Kupers, Michael Meyers, Robert Moran, Pauline Oliveros, Stephen Ratcliffe, Zachary James Watkins, Jeffrey Young

next shows

Sunday, Oct 29 | 8am-10pm
Within a Day with Alex boydTHE Milk Bar, Richmond 

Monday, Nov 27 | 8am-10pM   Within a Day with Lisa Mezzacappa


'Fraid o' Freyja : The just-intoned, psychedelic alter-ego of TPG

FOF was born of a tuning experiment enacted on a Wurlitzer dubbed "The Schocker/Fokker Tuning"; given life by the "what-would-happen-if" one month rental of a rock rehearsal space. It continues what TPG started, only louder.

Next show dates - TBA

'Fraid o' Freyja in Day of Noise 2017


Durational Performances & Other Collaborations

TPG is in a multi-year collaboration with poet Stephen Ratcliffe that creates large scale durational works based on 1,000 poem cycles. Stephen writes a poem every day for 1,000 days. Performing these poems takes approximately 14 hours and features Stephen reading each poem, which TPG then interprets as a performance score.

The most recent performance, Continuum, featured TPG with performing artists Rae Diamond (composer and director of the Long Tone Choir) and Shinichi Iova-Koga (artistic director of the movement theater ensemble inkBoat) and took place in a re-purposed bunker on Mare Island. The first piece, Human/Nature, premiered at UC Davis in 2008; the second, Remarks on Color/Sound, was staged at Headlands Center for the Arts in 2010; and the third, Temporality, premiered in May 2012 and was remounted in the Mills College Art Gallery in February 2013. 

In the past, Thingamajigs has collaborated with other groups and musicians such as ThingNY for different kinds of durational performances. 

Twenty-minute precis of a 15-hour performance featuring inkBoat, The Long Tone Choir, Thingamajigs, and the poet Stephen Ratcliffe, on Mare Island, California, October 1 2016

Videography by John Carnahan and Terri Fredlund, edited by John Carnahan for Berkeley Community Media.


thingNY + Thingamajigs Performance Group (2014)