Harrison 100/Thingamajigs 20 - Concert Calendar

April 15 | 8pm | Mills College Concert Hall, Oakland, USA

Hymn for Lou & Bill

Commissioned work by Stephen Parris, along with works by Henry Cowell, Edward Schocker and of course Lou Harrison.

April 15 | 1pm | Kanda River, Tokyo, Japan

Hymn for Lou & Bill

Hitomi Nakamura (hichiriki) and Thomas Piercy (hichiriki) perform this piece on a cruise boat on the Kanda River, using the historic bridges in the middle of Tokyo for their natural cave-like acoustics. If you live in Tokyo, I highly recommend this unique performance. Floating music in the city that brought us the Floating World!

April 16 |  12pm and 2pm | Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, USA

Hyi Mun

Members of Thingamajigs Performance Group and Gamelan Encinal perform an incredibly rare traditional Korean Gugak piece arranged by Lou. It’s called Hyi Mun, and will be performed on large Biangzhong, Han Dynasty bronze bells. Of all the Lou Harrison centennial pieces being performed throughout the world, this one is the rarest and unique.

May 5 | 7:30pm | Episcopal Church of St. John, San Francisco, USA

Four Kings

The piece pays homage to Lou Harrison as well as four historical kings (Atahualpa, Tut, Boru, and Huangdi, portrayed in music as well as with Niki Ulehla custom-made puppets); it features found and homemade percussion and the just intonation resophonic guitar alongside Wild Rumpus' contemporary chamber ensemble. In addition to the four programmatic movements, the piece features three sections based on polytemporal musical constructs. 

May 10 | 7-9pm | Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley

Full: Harrison

Edward Schocker will join BAM/PFA’s FULL series in Lou Harrison’s Music for Violin and Various Instruments - European, Asian and African. Also on the evening will include the amazing Gamelan Encinal performing works by Lou and a world premiere piece by Daniel Schmidt. 

May 13 | 8pm | St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Berkeley

May 14 | 4pm | St. Francis Lutheran Church, San Francisco

On Bill's Return From The Mountains (World Premiere)

After many years, Edward Schocker sets a Lou Harrison poem (one which he wrote for his life partner Bill Colvig) to music. The beautiful voices of Sacred and Profane perform this piece along with Lou’s Mass for St. Cecilia’s Day.