Lou Harrison 100 / Thingamajigs 20

Lou Harrison is one of the most influential artists in the world of alternate tuning systems; and in the Thingamajigs community. 2017 will mark his 100th birth anniversary. Co-incidentally, at the same time, the organization will complete 20 years of sound and music movement.

A celebration will mark this milestone.

Thingamajigs will commission 10 composers to write 10 pieces based on the instrumentation of some of the great works of Lou Harrison. There will be more information and details on this soon. Until then, delve into the life and work of Lou Harrison in this documentary project by Eva Soltes.

An exquisitely crafted, in-depth and deeply moving look at the life and work of a great composer ~ created with footage collected for over two decades by documentary filmmaker/music producer Eva Soltes, who was closely associated with Lou Harrison during his lifetime.