A Breezy Conclusion to May 2015

The sun was high, 

the sky was clear, 

and the bay sat ready.

The clock struck 11, and there blew, from the edge of the water, the performer of the day.

The Wind showed up on May 31, 2015 in its glory to play over 15 different sculptures made by children and adults, craftsmen and scientists, musicians and sound explorers. Aeolian Day 2015 was a 5-hour concert that left behind the Ferry Lawn of Jack London Square craving for more, and created memories to inspire future celebrations of the sound of the wind.

We are grateful to Nathan Moody, who volunteered to create the first-ever audio playlist of the show, John Carnahan for the highlights video, visitors with a magical camera lens for the flickr album and to our event management team that was all about creativity and volunteer-ship.



Thingamajigs is thrilled to invite all to the 3rd edition of Aeolian Day on May 15 2016. It's the same time of the year, the same Ferry Lawn of Jack London Square, and the same hours of the day.

Yet it will be different, a different song of the wind.


Aeolian Day 2015