20th Annual Music for People & Thingamajigs Festival

Thingamajigs presents the latest edition of the sound-art festival that started it all. A power-pack of musical works of homemade instruments, found objects, and alternate tunings by some of the Bay Area’s most innovative artists; the 20th Annual MFP&T festival is a special marker in Thingamajigs’ search for sounds, as it coincides with the birth centennial of the legendary composer Lou Harrison. The festival will be held in October in various locations around Bay Area.

Alt-tuned Rock


In 2016, we kicked off a year-long project Harrison 100/Thingamajigs 20, during the annual festival. Over the year, the project involved various concerts in several locations and became an excellent platform for musical explorations, innovative art developments, and new collaborations - both local and international. It also drew greater partnerships and provided the stage for world premiere works.


MFP&T festival this year will include the final performances of Harrison 100/Thingamajigs 20. It is expected to bring together, yet again, various artists along with Edward Schocker, Dylan Bolles and Suki O’Kane from Thingamajigs Performance Group (TPG). Like every year, this double celebration of music created with found objects and alternate tuning systems will offer a window to one and all in the bay area community.

Interested participants can submit their proposals by June 10, 2017.

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